Please send low resolution .jpeg images to:

- Only High Resolution images 300DPI RGB color management will be accepted. We would love to have them sized 8x10, but this is not required.

- Send your best images, however the editors will select which images to publish. Zephyr does not accept images published in another magazine, publication or social media platforms. We want our audience to see the images first when the magazine is published.

- Zephyr Magazine encourages new artist to submit work for “On our radar” features. This submission may be only a few images and does not need to be a full-feature spread.

- Team members must be clearly credited for full publication.

- If selected, your submission must be into the editors by “we transfer” or “dropbox” by the deadline date.

- There are no restrictions on what you may submit or seasonal requirements. Although Zephyr is considered a fashion magazine, we encourage creative artists to submit what they feel is expressive in their work. Zephyr will not accept work the editors deem erotic by nature.


By submitting to Zephyr magazine you are indicating that you have read and understood all these terms and conditions and agree to them.

- Posting your submission images online before Zephyr magazine is published will result in your images being pulled from the issue, or we will request for you to remove them from online until after publication.

- The images are owned by the photographer who captured the images and must be submitted by the photographer. Images sent by a third party should only be by permission of the organization or the individual who is the owner and they must also agree to these terms and conditions.

- It is understood that Zephyr Magazine has the unrestricted non-exclusive right to use the images accepted now and in the future.

- Zephyr Magazine does not pay for submissions or selected features. The submission team bears the total cost for production and submission of their own editorial work.

- The editors of Zephyr Magazine do not guarantee your work will be published in the month submitted and there are no promised covers for artist submitting features.

- The number is images to be published within Zephyr Magazine is not guaranteed, unless specified by the Editor in Chief.

- The submitting artist will receive a PDF of their tear sheet after publication.